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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great pictures of Shultzy's online

And we didn't even take the pictures! :)

Euphtw has a blog called Blue Seattle. For many of our friends, the blog might be difficult to decipher because it's in Chinese (fortunately, my Singaporean-Chinese wife is conveniently located in my living room). If you don't have a Chinese wife conveniently located in your living room, you can try the Google "translated into English" version, but it's mostly a demonstration that computers, like me, have a long way to go in understanding written Chinese.

Back in mid-February, Euphtw did a write-up on Shultzy's, but what especially amazed both Don and I was the quality of the photos. They are fantastic! EuphTW knows a lot about lighting and composition -- the photos reminded me of some professional photos of the old Shultzy's from long, long ago that were done as part of a Microsoft advertising campaign.

I think we know who to talk to next time we're in need of great photos of Shultzy's. Thanks Euphtw!