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Friday, April 25, 2008

It's breakfast time in Tokyo...

Don just sent me the latest Shultzy's news by e-mail, so the What's on Tap list is up to date. There are lots of interesting new beers: HB Lager, Hacker-Pschorr Munich Dark, Bayern Maibock (6.7% ABV), and Franziskaner Weisse in addition to the usual favorites.

Here in Japan, there are some strange new varieties of canned beer. "Clear" beers are very popular -- aren't most canned beers pretty clear? They also have zero carbohydrate beers. There even are zero carbohydrate beers with the same alcohol as regular beers (5.0% ABV). I have pictures and may have to taste them before I leave (or fill my luggage with them).

No chimichurri cheesesteaks here, but I did try something called Sea Pineapple (or Sea Squirt) and it was... interesting. OK, it was actually pretty disgusting, but I finished it. It's breakfast time, and I'm heading out; today's breakfast treat: ramen, gyoza, and beer.

Kio Tsukete! (take care!)