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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's on tap?

As we were updating our menu of rotating beer taps, I thought it might be good to update you about what we've got on draft at present (in alphabetical order).

Alaskan Amber (Juneau. AK)
: Richly malty and long on the palate with just enough hop backing to make this a well-balanced “alt” style beer (16 oz. pint 3.95).

Bass Ale: (England): Calm, quick, sweet initial taste. Malty, unobtrusive, yet zesty, aroma has a hint of caramel (16 oz. pint 3.95).

Bitburger Pilsner (Germany): Very pale & extremely light. Clean, soft maltiness & a firm hop finish. Germany’s first Pilsner, since 1883.

Franziskaner Weisse (Germany) : A light, fruity, spicy aroma that continues to dominate on the palate with a hint of cloves and bananas. Originally brewed in 1363.

Hacker-Pschorr Alt Munich Dark (Germany): Dark chestnut color; with a smooth head, light creamy body, and rooty dryness in the end.

Hales Cream H.S.B. (Seattle, WA): Complex, deep amber color that’s both smooth and aromatically bitter. Reminiscent of the famous “special bitters” of Great Britain (16 oz. pint 3.95).

Hoegaarden White Bier (Belgium): Flavored with coriander seed and Curacao orange peel. A very light and refreshing unfiltered white wheat beer.

Leffe Brune (Belgium): Robustly flavored brown ale with a rich aroma of roasted caramel and hints of chocolate and dark fruit. Slightly sweet, balanced by a spicy hop finish (0.25L 3.95).

Warsteiner Lager (Germany): Rich golden pilsner with a smooth, full-bodied taste and refreshing hop finish.

Except, as noted, all beers are priced at $9.50 for a liter, $4.95 for a half liter, or $3.95 for 0.3 liters. Select German lagers are on special Mondays (3.50/half liter), Hoegaarden is on special Wednesdays (3.99/half liter), and Bass Ale is on sale on Sundays ($3.99/20 oz. pint).

Beers are also on special at Happy Hour (3-6 weekdays and noon-closing Sunday) with a
Select German Lager 1/2 liter for 3.50 or a microbrew pint for $3.00.