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Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 Days of Cinco de Mayo

OK, the obvious question: where did we come up with this idea?

This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Monday, and Monday's not exactly a party day for many folks. So, in the interest of mirth and general merriment, we decided to start our Cinco de Mayo specials over the weekend. And if partying on the weekend's a good idea, it's even more fun to enjoy Friday night, so Friday got added too. And if there's a 12 days of Christmas, why can't we have a 5 days of Cinco de Mayo? And that's how it happened.

Cinco de Mayo (or "CdM" to its friends) features food and drink specials for the whole five days.

Nacho Cheesesteak

Served with grilled onions & peppers and sliced jalapeƱos. 7.99

“All-Day” Breakfast Burritos
Try our new Chorizo, Bacon, or Veggie breakfast burritos with egg, cheddar cheese, and potatoes. Served hot each day, while they last. 4.00

Nacho Cheese Fries
Our irresistible fries topped with gooey nacho cheese and sliced jalapeƱos. 4.49

Sauza Gold Margarita $3.99
Sauza Gold Shot $2.99
½ Liter of El Bitburger Mexicano (Bitburger with a lime wedge) $4.95
Mexican Beers (bottles) $3.00
Negro Modelo, Bohemia, Corona, & Corona Light
“El Rey de Cervezas” (Budweiser in bottles) $2.50