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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The agony of a typo.

Yes, I know.
I've screwed up our first poll ever.

"VOTE for your favorite Shultzy's Server?"

What's with the question mark? Well, I started the poll as "Who is your favorite Shultzy's Server?" And, as with most things, I should have left it well enough alone. But, I didn't. So, I wanted to change it to "VOTE for your favorite Shultzy's server." And that would have been fine. But I messed up the capitalization of "server" and left in the original question mark.

And that's when the agony set in...

For, unlike most web actions, this one is irreversible for practical purposes. The clever people at Google decided an author can't edit a poll once it's started to collect votes. I can't fix the header without starting the poll over again. And since we already have votes and a bunch of competitive employees, I'd be foolhardy to try a "do-over".

So, it is my penalty to have to look at this error each day for the next month or so. Aaargh!

My apologies to our readers.