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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FRESH Squeezed Orange Juice!

We cut 'em...
We squeeze 'em...
You drink 'em...

Who Doesn't love fresh-squeezed ORANGES?

[Editor's note]
Tim is the coolest! He's our General Manager at Shultzy's and was resourceful enough to figure out how to post to the blog while I was out of town. I never told him how, but he managed to do it all on his own. The bad part for Tim is that now I'm going to expect him to fill in for me, since I know he knows how to do it. DOH! Sorry, Tim...

Back to the serious topic of orange juice.

Shultzy's is offering a 12 oz. Glass (about 3 full oranges!) worth of fresh-squeezed Orange Juice is only $3. I had one for breakfast last week myself and was wowed. And to put that in perspective, you can't even buy a gallon of gas for $3 any more and that wouldn't taste as good anyway!

Or, maybe you're not an early riser; how about fresh-squeezed orange juice in your favorite cocktail for only $1 more? From personal experience, a Screwdriver with fresh-squeezed orange juice is a clearly superior concoction. Or how about a Tequila Sunrise (do people still drink those)? Or an Orange Blossom (orange juice, gin and sugar)? I've clearly forgotten my bartending class of long ago.

Thanks to a harmonic convergence of circumstances including delicious oranges, an FSA rep (Andrew) who used to squeeze oranges at Wild Ginger as a bartender there, and a bunch of fresh-squeezed orange juice fans working at Shultzy's, we added a new toy. Just like any proud parent, we have to show you a picture of our new "baby".

It doesn't have a name yet, but I'm sure it will (after all, our paper cutter is named "Ryan", but that's another story).

It's a dee-luxe fruit squeezin' machine, and it's all ours. And when you add fresh oranges, you get fresh-squeezed orange juice. And that's NOT the "fresh-squeezed" orange juice that some people pour out of a brightly-labeled plastic jug and that was squeezed and flash-pasteurized in Dinuba, California by robots! OK, maybe they don't employ robots, but it's still not freshly squeezed in front of you by Tim, Emily or one of our other all-human/no-robot waitstaff!

So, come in for breakfast or happy hour, and we'll be glad to squeeze you some fresh orange juice to make your day a little sweeter.