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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Euro 2008 Contest entry deadline is Friday at midnight PT

Euro 2008 Soccer starts this Saturday morning (Seattle time), so you're running out of time to enter our contest. All entries must be submitted by 7:00 am PT, Saturday June 7th.

Enter Shultzy's Euro 2008 Contest HERE!

We're still working on prizes -- they'll likely be t-shirts and other swag from our beer distributors. Strangely, we've been getting quite a few entries from Canadians (maybe some of our far-flung Shultzy's fans?). If you win, you'll have to pick up your prizes here at our restaurant in Seattle... sorry! But, it would make a great roadtrip for our Canadian friends...

And I think we've got the scoring rules figured out.
Each round robin game picked correctly = 1 point. Ties are worth 1/2 point.
Each quarterfinal game picked correctly = 3 points
Each semifinal game picked correctly = 5 points
Final winner picked correctly = 7 points
So, if you're a real wizard and there are no ties, you could earn a maximum possible 53 points.

The quarterfinal round might prove a little confusing to you, but I've simplified it. Don't worry about who's a group winner and runner-up. Just pick the four teams you think will advance from the quarterfinals (2 from groups A & B and 2 from groups B & C). As I used to tell my students, "if you still don't understand, just try and do your best".