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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shultzy's Euro 2008 Bracket Competition

Tomorrow is the start of the Euro 2008 Semifinals, and we're expecting an enthusiastic lunch time crowd to enjoy Germany vs. Turkey. On Thursday it's Russia vs. Spain. Both days' games start at 11:30-11:45am.

Where are we in the pick 'em competition?
  • Carl's in first and is looking pretty good but he's hoping for Spain to go all the way.
  • Susan's in second, but she's doomed because she had Portugal and Netherlands winning the semis, and the Dutch winning the whole thing. Sadly, both those teams have already gone home.
  • 5 people are tied for 3rd (Barry, Brockly, Doug, Denis, and Paul). Of those, Brockly and Barry look to be in the best position to take it all provided that Germany prevails.
  • Nobody left had Turkey or Russia in the semifinals or finals.
  • I am tied for 11th and sinking like a stone. DOH!
If you want to keep up with the results, click here to see the spreadsheet. Or, you can just come into Shultzy's and drown your picking woes in a refreshing beer as I'm planning to.