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Sunday, June 8, 2008

UDSPA Charity Trivia Night #2

Last night was the second in our series of UDSPA (University District Service Provider Alliance) Trivia Nights. I can say, as a participant in the contest, that it was a lot of fun. About 6-8 teams of varying size and composition fought through questions ranging from Geography and Social Issues (What annual income is currently defined by the Federal Government as the Poverty Line?) to Alanis Morrissette and Boyz II Men lyrics. Everyone had a good time, there were many clever team names, and the eventual winner was the Mazel Tov Cocktails.

I say "eventual" because the contest ended in a tie after four rounds and had to be resolved according to international competitive trivia rules, namely an audience-judged dance-off. Yes, it was just as scary as it sounds. Fortunately, we had an amateur beat boxer in the crowd to provide musical accompaniment (Bowden's roommate). The rest was... well I think you just have to watch it.

The runners up...

...and the winners, the Mazel Tov Cocktails!