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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shultzy's makes The Hot Dog Hall of Fame

On July 4th, Shultzy's proudly received a trophy from The Hot Dog Hall of Fame.  Here is the article which accompanied the award and appeared in the organization's The Frankfurter Chronicles E-Newsletter.  Thanks for the award!
(L-R) Bruce, Don, and Tim. That is the trophy in Don's lap, and he is happy to see you.

Shultzy's in Seattle
By Chris Masterson

In the mid-80’s, Don Schulze decided to leave the corporate world and start his own business. Drawing on his family’s traditions, he decided to create a restaurant specializing in high-quality, handmade sausages. After a year of testing and refining his recipes, Don and his wife Susan opened the original Shultzy’s on March 13, 1989 next to the University of Washington in Seattle.

With only a dozen seats around a counter and Don making sausages and working behind the grill, Shultzy’s quickly developed a reputation for tasty lunches in a fun, convivial atmosphere. Shultzy’s popularity led to long lines daily; so in 1999, Shultzy’s moved a few doors down the street to its' current location. Shultzy’s has since been able to expand its menu, add a full bar, and is open from breakfast to midnight daily.

Despite the changes, the founding principles of Shultzy’s remain the same: great-tasting handmade foods and beverages in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Shultzy’s doesn’t believe in serving precooked food: your meal is cooked to order. Fresh-cooked items may take a little longer to serve, so patrons are advised to tell the server if they are in a hurry.

Shultzy’s currently offers nine beers on tap and rotate those taps frequently to present the most quaffable beers in the world.

While being presented with The Frankie Award for Hot Dog Excellence, Don shared how he got some of his hand-made sausage recipes. One recipe was located while browsing sausage related books in the Powell bookstore in Portland, Oregon. He picked-up a book and a hand-written recipe fell out of the book. Don said it was an obvious ‘sign’ and that he had to buy the book.

The Andouille sausage recipe was ‘obtained’ when a woman stopped in one day and asked Don if he could make her a batch of sausages using her old southern recipe. Don is no wimp when it comes to a sausage challenge and gladly agreed to make the sausages. After days of the lady never returning to retrieve her 60 lbs. of sausage, Don realized it was great sausage and added it to the menu (it's one of my favorites).

Don and family (Don, Susan, Emily & William) originally set out from New York and headed to Los Angeles. After a brief review of the LA area, they decided it wasn't a sausage town.

Next they went to San Francisco and scouted areas. While there, Don met up with and became friends with now world famous sausage chef Bruce Aidell. Bruce was cooking in the basement of Macy’s and was nice enough to share some of his sausage secrets with Don.

The Schulze family finally ended up in Seattle and where they continue today in making some of the best sausages on the planet.

NOTE: This is Chris' favorite Seattle area weenie stand and as a previous "Frankie" recipient, he nominated Schultzy's for this year's awards. Chris says he likes the beer menu (lots of local microbrews), their extensive condiment bar, their sausage sandwiches and personable staff.

Mysterious allusions to Shultzys in the press...

Shultzy's fan, Steve Bridgeland, passed this one along to us...

The Seattle Weekly recently published an article castigating Starbucks Founder and CEO Howard Schultz for his mishandling of the Sonics sale that has led to their leaving Seattle.  The article starts out with this rant:

Last week's settlement between the city and Clay Bennett's ownership group leaves Sonics fans nothing to do but whistle Annie's "Tomorrow." It's been a hard-knock life, watching Shawn Kemp get robbed in '93, so close in '96, traded in '97, and fat by '98. Watching Wally Walker and Rick Sund run the franchise into the ground, seven feet at a time (by my calculations, they took it about 49' deep). Watching Vin Baker's jowls wobble from the aftershocks of an opponent's dunk. Watching Gary Payton win a title in another jersey. Watching Howard Schultz panic-sell like he was the dude who owned a sausage shop on the Ave. rather than the head of a worldwide coffee empire.

Say what?  Did he just say that selling the Sonics is something that is more Don Schulze than Howard Schulze?  I don't think so...  For the record, here are some differences between Don Schulze and Howard Schultz for those who have trouble telling them apart.
  • Shultzy's has not recently closed 600 stores.  In fact, we've been on the Ave for nearly 20 years and intend to be here a lot longer. We will not be moving to Oklahoma CIty.
  • Howard Schulze sold the Sonics leading to the franchise leading town.  Don Schulze did not.
  • Howard Schulze sells coffee, coffee, and... uh... coffee.  Don Schulze sells brats, beers, burgers, and breakfast.
  • At Shultzy's you can order a double at our bar without using "grande", "venti", or any other faux-Italian words.
  • Don Schulze is younger and better looking* than Howard Schultz.
*This may only be the personal opinion of Susan, his wife.  Your opinion may vary.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A loss for Shultzy's

Shultzy's lost one of its founding members this past week with the passing of Earl Schulze.  He will be fondly remembered and genuinely missed by those of us who had the good fortune to have known him.

Earl Schulze
A memorial Mass will be celebrated at 12:15 p.m. Aug. 1 at St. Mary Catholic Church in Eugene for Earl William Schulze of Eugene. He died July 11 of age-related causes at age 81.
A reception will be held at the church after the Mass.
He was born May 9, 1927, in Longview, Wash., to Albert and Gertrude Thompson Schulze. He married Joan Basken on Aug. 1, 1953, in Fair Lawn, N.J.
Schulze graduated from Jefferson High School in Portland in 1946. He served in the Navy in World War II and later served in the Army in Korea. He worked as a newspaper pressman for 40 years, including 30 years for The Register-Guard and 10 years for The Oregonian.
Survivors include his wife; a daughter, Maureen Woodward of Gresham; a son, Don of Seattle; and four grandchildren.
Arrangements by Poole-­Larsen Funeral Home in Eugene. Remembrances to Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I cheer, You cheer, We all cheer for Root Beer!

Today, we added IBC to our list of bottled root beers. 

We have IBC (#2 in a recent New York Times taste test) and Stewart's (#10) to regional favorite Henry Weinhard's.  I recently had dinner with a friend who's something of a root beer afficianado and he's a big fan of IBC, so if you like root beer, give it a try next time you're in.

A Drink in Search of a Frosty Mug (NYT)

Shultzy's 1st Annual July 4th Eve Party (July 3rd!)

It's another Shultzy's Extravaganza...
Thursday, July 3rd (not the 4th!)
11am ’til Midnight

Apple Pie Shots                                       $2.99
Just like Mom used to make

Old Forester Shots                                  $2.99
Just like Mom used to drink. 
Bourbon, America’s National Libation

Red White and… Bitburger                     $3.49
½ Liter Mug with a tiny American flag

Mojo Mojitos                                         $4.99
with a float of Golden 151 Rum

Vienna Beef® Hotdog                            $3.99
America’s Favorite Dog
In a basket with Fries and Slaw               $5.99

Anyone can celebrate Independence Day on the 4th.
Show your Independence and celebrate it on the 3rd at Shultzy's!