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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing came to visit

Earlier this summer, we got a chance to try Left Hand Brewing's Sawtooth Ale and it was love at first taste. We became aware of the beer when through an article in the New York Times; they had a tasting of 25 bitters from around the world, and the best of them all was Left Hand's Sawtooth Ale, a surprise winner brewed in Longmont, Colorado.  After beating Fuller's and a host of ESBs from around the world, it was something we had to try. Since then, Left Hand's Sawtooth Ale has joined our regular rotation of micros on tap.

Last week, we were fortunate to have Left Hand's President, Eric Wallace, drop by for a visit.  While we were enjoying his flagship product, we talked beers and learned more about the brewery and its history ("Left Hand" is a tribute to Chief Niwot, a local Arapaho Chief whose tribe inhabited the "Left Hand" valley, between present-day Boulder and Longmont, CO).

In addition to having some more Sawtooth Ale, we have one keg of Left Hand's very limited edition Oktoberfest beer.  Eric explained that his is a "retro" Oktoberfest beer, more in the style of the Oktoberfest beers of 20 years ago than the somewhat lighter Oktoberfest beers of today.  Eric offered us the chance (perhaps jokingly) to come down next year and help brew our own kegs of Oktoberfest, and we're seriously thinking about taking a road trip to take him up on the offer.

Oktoberfest's start is only 10 days away, and this year Left Hand Oktoberfest will be up early, so don't miss it!

Eric Wallace (President of Left Hand Brewing) and Don Schulze enjoying a Sawtooth Ale.