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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vienna Beef Pups are Here!

Just when you thought "Sliders"/mini-burgers were the best bar snack, here come Vienna Beef Pups, new on our Happy Hour menu at Shultzy's.

For photographic purposes, I had two Chili Pips and one Regular Pup.
On the menu, you have to choose between three regular and three with chili.
And check out the flourescent Chicago-style relish!

They're the same great taste as our Vienna Beef dogs, but bite-size. OK, two-bite-size for the more dainty, but we don't get too many of those folks in here. We steam them and then finish them on the Char-Grill to make them extra-tasty.  They're served three to a plate with sauerkraut, mustard, and relish for $5 at Happy Hour.  Yesterday, I had Chili Pups (topped with our own delicious chili) and they were even better -- Chili Pups are just $1 more than regular Pups.

If you llike "sliders"/mini-burgers, Pups or Chili Pups might become your new favorite.