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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Go Huskies! New Top-25 Beer Special during Husky games.

Congratulations to Coach Romar and the Washington Huskies men's basketball team for taking the Pac-10 lead and breaking into the AP Top-25.

We have a serious case of  Huskies fever at Shultzy's and have added a new beer special in honor of the hometown team.  We're #23 this week, so during this week's Husky games, you'll get your first pint of our Micro of the Day for only $2.30.  Really!

And if we can beat #14 Arizona State and move up to #15 next week, that first micro pint during next week's Bay Area games will be only $1.50.  And I'd love to have us look silly with the Huskies cracking the top 10 and us offering your first micro pint during games for less than a dollar!

Huskies vs Arizona is 5:30pm tonight, and Huskies vs #14 Arizona St. is at 2:30pm on Saturday.  Come on in, have a beer, and enjoy the game!  Root hard; the more the Huskies win, the lower the price of beer gets.

Tonight's Top-25 special Micro is Redhook's Copperhook Ale, and we'll move to Alaskan Amber Alt if the Copperhook runs out.