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Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl was fun. Huskies #22 this week -- Micro pints just $2.20!

Shultzy's Super Bowl party was fun yesterday; I hope you were there and enjoyed it.  We had our usual contingent of diehard Steelers fans, as well as a few contrarian Cardinals fans to keep things interesting.  Unfortunately, Amber took her Terrible Towel to Canada for the weekend, but we managed to root  Pittsburgh on to victory despite being towel-less.

The AP poll has the Huskies ranked at #22 this week, one notch up from last week's position thanks to our victory over former #14 Arizona State.  As a result, during the Huskies' games at Cal and Stanford, we'll offer your first micro pint for only $2.20!  UW-Cal is at 7:30 pm on Thursday night, while UW-Stanford is an unusual Sunday game at 2:30pm.  Come on in, catch the games on our six TVs, enjoy some beer, and root on the Huskies to two more W's.  With a good weekend, maybe we can drive next week's Husky Top-25 special price below the $2 mark.