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Friday, March 6, 2009

Buffalo sightings at Shultzy's

We were out and about this past week and had the opportunity to try some delicious buffalo burgers. Inspired, we added them to the menu here at Shultzy's.

They're 1/3 pound buffalo burgers, and we've heard they're higher in protein and lower in fat than either chicken or turkey. We serve them with our burger sauce on a sesame seed roll with crisp romaine lettuce, roma tomato slices, and Skagit Valley dill pickle chips. The buffalo burger's clean taste really allows the flavor of the lettuce and tomato to show through as perfect complements. You can still add ketchup or mustard, but you may want to try it plain first. I didn't add cheese to mine, but you're welcome to for an extra dollar. Maybe I'll try Pepper Jack next time.

Buffalo burgers are on special this month, and if you like them, perhaps they'll join the permanent menu. Let us know what you think in person or drop us an e-mail to if you'd prefer to contact us electronically.