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Friday, March 6, 2009

March Madness (even before the NCAA Basketball tournament)!

It's March Madness already at Shultzy's. So many things happening here in the next few weeks!

Today is Remember the Alamo day. It's the 173rd anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, so we have Bud Lime Lights for only $1.73 (we figured Bud Light Lime was an American beer served Mexican style, so it was a good match). In keeping with the America-Mexico theme, we also have Sauza Gold or Jim Beam shots for only $2.99 all day. Come on in! Blog special: if you come in wearing a Davy Crockett hat, we'll

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the UW-Washington State basketball game. This is a big one going into the Pac-10 and NCAA tournaments, with lots at stake for both teams in addition to the usual level of mutual animosity. It's sold out, so watch it here. And our Top-25 special is still in full gear -- Have your 1st Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA pint for only $1.60 (in honor of the #16 Huskies and their Pac-10 title). If we win on Saturday, who knows how low it will go next week.

Tuesday and Wednesday is UEFA Champions League soccer on TV -- the second leg of the home and home knockout round. The games start at 11:30 am, so stop in for lunch and a beer. By the way, for those of you perturbed by our framed Manchester United jersey, we have a framed Seattle Sounders jersey on the way, so you won't have to look at it too much longer. Tuesday night is also Charity trivia night (benefiting Bikeworks Columbia City), so put on your thinking caps and be ready to do battle.

Thursday is UEFA Cup soccer at lunch, and then it's UW's first game in the Pac-10 tournament against the ever-dangerous Team to be Announced in early afternoon. We'll be running our Top-25 special next week too, so who knows how low the Micro pints will go. The Pac-10 semis are Friday, and the Pac-10 finals are on Sunday. Go Huskies!!!!

And, if that weren't enough for one week, we have St. Practice Day, a St. Patrick's Day warmup, on Saturday. We'll have a bagpiper and discounts on Green St. Patrick's Day Bud Light 16 oz. Aluminum Bottles (bottles are green, but the beer is not) and other seasonal drinks. We'll also have both Bass and Guinness on tap for St. Patrick's Day so you can enjoy traditional Black & Tans.

Wow! I'm tired just writing this post. And, defying all logic, I'm headed back to Japan this week (I haven't even chronicled by beer adventures from the last trip), so I'll have to monitor things from afar. Have a great week!