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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UFC or not to UFC?

  • I'm a fan of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) mixed martial arts competitions.
  • Don is not.
  • I'd like Shultzy's to show the UFC Fight Night on April 1st on TV.
  • Don does not.
  • The name on the front of the restaurant is Shultzy's.
  • Don is Shultzy, I am not.
Normally, that would mean no UFC on TV, but who ever said we were normal. So, we have a poll on the right hand side of this blog that asks for your opinion. Don thinks that the UFC (and combat sports in general) are not a good thing to show at a restaurant where people are eating, and I can see his point. But, it doesn't bother me, and maybe it doesn't bother most other people either.

Make your voice heard. Vote in the poll.

Don reserves the right to do what he wants (he is Shultzy, after all), but we're interested in hearing what most people think.

Also, if you want to send us your opinion on the topic, drop us a note at

Update (3/31/09)
"No" has prevailed, so we won't be making a big deal out of UFC events.

Thanks for participating!