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Friday, May 8, 2009

Dark Lager lovers get ready for Seattle Beer Week at Shultzy's


Dinkel Acker Dark Lager has been a perennial bestseller at Shultzy's and a favorite among fans of German Schwartzbiers.  Sadly, Dinkel Acker stopped distributing their draft beers in the USA, much to the disappointment of American dark beer fans.  We tried our best to horde all we could, even getting kegs shipped up here from as far away as Colorado to satisfy our thirsty patrons.  Sadly, no more exists to be purchased.

BUT... deep in Shultzy's strategic beer reserves, we have secreted away a handful of kegs of this nectar, and we're going to be tapping them this coming week in honor of the first annual Seattle Beer Week .  So, come on in, drink a beer, and shed a tear in honor of the last USA kegs of Dinkel Acker.

P.S.  Don't forget that Wednesday is the Shultzy's event for Seattle Beer Week and we'll have special beers and hopwurst (sausage made with beer hops as a flavoring).  Don't miss it!