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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nice post on Shultzy's lunch in Seattle Weekly's Voracious

Thanks to Seattle Beer Week co-founder Mike Baker for passing this link along...

Shultzy's: Feels Like Lunch, SBW Pairing Event 5/13

Maggie Dutton, the author, captured lunch at Shultzy's perfectly:

"Walk in here at 12:45pm and every seat is full, 75% of the people have a beer in front of them, soccer is on the tele, and you can barely hear yourself think."
I couldn't have said it better myself. Today was especially fun; you should have heard the explosion from the lunch crowd when Barcelona scored in extra time to advance to the UEFA Champions final against Manchester United.  Wow!  The only bad part is we have to wait three weeks for the final match (May 27th at lunch time).  It will be on all six TVs, the sound will be up, and Hoegaarden will be on special that day -- see you there!