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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just in time for Husky Football... the Sarkburger!

Shultzy's loves Husky football and has since we opened our doors in 1989.

Over those 20 years, we're proud to have been a part of the great Husky Football memories of our customers, who come to the restaurant before and after every home football game. What could be better than brats, burgers, beers, and a day of football at Husky Stadium. And now, with our 7 (yes we're adding one more this week) flat screen TVs, even those unlucky fans without a ticket can enjoy the Husky football experience with us on The Ave.

This year, we're especially excited because it's our first season with new head coach, Steve Sarkisian. Coach Sark is the perfect man for the Huskies job, and we can't wait to see his Huskies team take the field. He's got us expecting to win again. You are following Coach Sark on Twitter, aren't you? If you're a Huskies fan, you should be -- the photos are great! :)

While we were thinking about football and food this summer (as we've been known to do around the bar), the idea came up for a burger dedicated to Coach Sarkisian... the SARKburger. Of course, we couldn't just name any burger, the SARKburger, this one had to be special. Jared Blank, Coach Sarkisian's Director of Player Personnel, came through in the clutch and got us in touch with Coach Sark; little did we know that Coach Sark was an experienced burger strategist and that he had a dream burger in mind.

The SARKburger is a mix of power and surprise, much the way the best football offenses are. It starts out with a solid foundation of lots of sirloin beef, freshly ground right at Shultzy's. Top that with melted swiss cheese, bacon, and grilled onions, the solid foundation needed for a great burger. Then, to give that element of surprise, the SARKburger has fresh pineapple and our secret Sark-iaki sauce for an extra burst of sweet tangy flavor. And, of course, you get it with our own Coleslaw and the World's Greatest Fries. I'm drooling just writing this.

You can come in for a sneak preview of the SARKburger on Friday, but the official launch is Saturday, September 5th the first game day for Coach Sarkisian's new Husky team. Come on in, enjoy a SARKburger, and watch UW take on LSU at 7:30pm. GO HUSKIES!!!!

The Official SARKburger T-Shirt Design