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Monday, August 24, 2009

UEFA Champions League, Little League, Husky football, and NFL Football (oh my!)

Tuesday (tomorrow) and Wednesday we'll have the second legs of the first set of UEFA Champions League 2009-2010 matches on TV at lunch.  Between Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports, Setanta, and DirecTV's coverage, we should have most, if not all games live, and most in HD on our 6 screens.

We're also in the middle of the Little League World Series and we added a special to make the games a little more exciting for the casual fan: The Bad News Bears discount gives you a shot of iced Sweet Tea Vodka for only $3.99 during LLWS games.  Coach Buttermaker would have approved.

The Washington Huskies home football season starts a week from Saturday against the LSU Tigers, and we're psyched up here at Shultzy's.  We're working with Coach Sark on adding a Sarkburger to the menu -- you'll want to check it out.

Finally, NFL season's not too far off, and we'll have NFL Sunday Ticket again, so not only will you be able to watch the Seahawks here, but you'll be able to catch the Lions, Tigers, and Bears here too! (OK, the Tigers are on our MLB package, but I couldn't resist the allusion).