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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blast from the past: Shultzy's and UW Husky Lincoln Kennedy in Sports Illustrated from 1992

Shultzy's connection to Huskies Football extends all the way back to our earliest days as a 12-seat counter just up the street from our present location.  Huskies players have always enjoyed Shultzy's Sausages, but none quite like Lincoln Kennedy, former Husky and LA Raiders OT; Lincoln managed to eat 11 sausage sandwiches in one hour, an amazing and scary feat.

Sports Illustrated, writing an article on Lincoln, couldn't resist talking about Shultzy's too, so enjoy this blast from the past.

In The Driver's Seat
Varied talents will give Washington tackle Lincoln Kennedy a lot of roads to follow—after the NFL, that is by Richard Hoffer, Sports Illustrated, September 21, 1992