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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 Update

We've had a fantastic Oktoberfest at Shultzy's, and it's not quite over yet.

We'll wrap things up this Friday night with our Last Gulp of Oktoberfest Party with beer specials, food specials, and fun for everyone. Don't miss it!

Last year, we had 11 different Oktoberfest beers at Shultzy's and thought that was a pretty impressive achievement. Well, that was nothing compared with Oktoberfest 2009. We've had 20 different Oktoberfest beers on tap already.

Here's the list of Oktoberfest beers served at Shultzy's in 2009.
  • Alpine (Oroville, WA)
  • Ayinger (Germany)
  • Bayern (Missoula, MT)
  • Beck's (Germany)
  • Chuckanut Oktoberfest (Bellingham, WA)
  • Dundee (Rochester, NY)
  • Hacker-Pschorr (Munich, Germany)
  • HB Munich (Munich, Germany)
  • Köstritzer (Germany)
  • Leavenworth (Leavenworth, WA)
  • Left Hand (Longmont, CO)
  • Leinenkugel (Chippewa Falls, WI)
  • Paulaner (Munich, Germany)
  • Rogue (Newport, OR)
  • Sam Adams (Boston, MA)
  • Snoqualmie (Snoqualmie, WA)
  • Spaten (Munich, Germany)
  • Victory (Downington, PA)
  • Warsteiner (Germany)
  • Weihenstephan (Suburban Munich, Germany)
Not only did we serve a wide variety of beers, we served a lot of volume, too. It was great that we managed to get 10 kegs (over 500 liters) of the Left Hand Oktoberfest that we participated in brewing back in June, but it went so fast that we wish we'd had more.

2009 was also the inaugural year for the Shultzy's OktoBEERfest Liter Club, where we recognized customers who drank at least one liter of 12 different beers during our extended 42-day celebration. Here's the list of winners as of October 23rd:

Christopher O'Neill, Kevin Wierman, Steve Bunn, Rohan Singh, Brad Ohman, Travis White, Nicholas Lederer, Samson Lim, Kris Buitrago, Ryan Morlen, Kristian Anderson, Thoren McDole, Rodney "Chip" Swarlz II, and Christopher Semiao.

Congratulations to all of these folks who each will receive a 1-liter German beer mug and be immortalized on the walls of Shultzy's. Your opportunity to join the club lasts until the end of Friday night's party, so there's still time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Dessert Choice: Crunchy Bread Pudding

It took us nearly 20 years to add one dessert to our menu at Shultzy's (The WünDessert™) and now we've added a second.

Crunchy Bread Pudding
Bread pudding bites, coated in cinnamon sugar,
fried until warm and crunchy,
drizzled with caramel sauce.

Chocolate lovers are still going to prefer the WünDessert, but for those looking for a non-chocolate dessert, Crunchy Bread Pudding will be mighty satisfying.

Gluten-Free Info

As of today's menu revision, our food menu contains gluten information.

The following items on our menu contain gluten: Rolls, French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Veggie Burgers, Bratwurst, Salad Croutons, Premium® Saltines, and Sausage Gumbo. Our award-winning Sausage Chili contained a small amount of gluten (beer is an ingredient), but we have changed our recipe to use gluten-free beer, so the Chili is now gluten-free.

All sandwiches on our menu can be ordered “Gluten-Free” as a plate, over rice, instead of on a roll, with cole slaw or a side salad (no croutons).

We also serve RedBridge Beer, a gluten-free beer to accompany your meal.

We're working on our Happy Hour menu to include gluten information on those products, as well.

If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us an e-mail.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grand Oktoberfest Party 2009

If you were missed there, thanks for making the evening such a great time. If you missed it, there's always next year.

Here are some photos to refresh our collective memories.