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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Odds & Ends

As we're winding down to Thanksgiving, it seemed like a good time to catch up on a number of things I've been overdue in posting.

Final list of Oktoberfest Liter Beer Mug Winners:
Christopher O'Neill, Kevin Wierman, Steve Bunn, Rohan Singh, Brad Ohman, Travis White, Nicholas Lederer, Samson Lim, Kris Buitrago, Ryan Morlen, Kristian Anderson, Thoren McDole, Rodney "Chip" Swarlz II, Christopher Semiao, Mike Long, Brent Starkey, Ly Ho, Vu Le, Tory Brundige, Jennifer Swann, Herr Professor Janssen, Chris Cannon, Chris Weimer, Jamie Stroble, J. Paul Rinehimer, Ken Nagle, Kevin Realon, Matt Harris, Adriana Hernandez, Joel Leigh, John Milner, and Kyle Goldsmith. Congratulations to all, and we'll be immortalizing you on a plaque at Shultzy's.

New Sausage Special: HolidayWurst
The Kielbasa special is over, and now it's time for the HolidayWurst. It's a chicken sausage with cranberries, served on a toasted roll with onions and peppers and cranberry mustard on the side. As we say on the menu, "It's all the good stuff about the holidays without the relatives." OK, we're just kidding -- we like our relatives, especially the ones who check out our website regularly.

Thanksgiving Hours
We'll be closed on Thursday, November 26th for Thanksgiving feasting. We'll also be closed on Friday, November 27th for our usual periodic maintenance and cleaning day. But we'll be back open at 9AM on Saturday, November 28th for the early Apple Cup crowd. Come get your SARKburger and root on your Huskies as we take on those pesky Washington State Cougars.

Huskies Top-25 Special
A promotion we started last year is back. When the Huskies Basketball team is playing on TV, your first IPA/Hop Handle pint is based on the Huskies AP Ranking. We're #14 this week, so your first pint will be just $1.40! What happens if the Huskies keep moving up on the polls? We don't really know since we can't sell beer for less than we pay for it (Washington State Law), but we hope UW keeps winning and we have to deal with that problem (Go Huskies!).

Other Hours tweaks
Check out our new very simple schedule:
Monday-Saturday 9am-2am
Sunday 9am-Midnight
(Breakfast served until about 10:30 or so)

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday, enjoy those leftovers on Friday, and when you're completely Turkeyed out, come in on Saturday and join us for the Apple Cup and a SARKburger!