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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Hours and Winter Hours

The holidays are coming up (for some they're already here), and it's time for us to publish our holiday hours. They're a little different from year's past, so here are the details:

Monday Dec 21st – Wednesday Dec 23rd
Thursday Dec 24th
Friday Dec 25th
Saturday Dec 26th
Sunday Dec 27th
Monday Dec 28th – Wednesday Dec 30th
Thursday Dec 31st
Friday Jan 1st
Saturday Jan 2nd
Sunday Jan 3rd
Monday Jan 4th
11am – 2am
11am – 2am
9:30am – Midnight
11am – 2am
11am – 9pm
11am – 2am
9:30am – Midnight
Winter Hours Start

9am - 2am
11am – 2am
11am – Midnight

A few notes:
  • We will NOT be open on Christmas Eve. A lot of our long-time regulars have grown accustomed to returning to town and coming in to Shultzy's for a pre-Christmas lunch. Sadly (for you), we have finally recognized our tendency to procrastinate in gift buying and feast preparing and decided to close on Christmas Eve so we can get those things done.

    But, you're welcome to come in on Christmas Eve's Eve (December 23rd) or the day after Christmas and get your traditional Shultzy's fix. And a bonus, we won't be as irritable as we usually are on Christmas Eve trying to get you to hurry up and finish your lunch so we can close and run errands.

  • Our weekly Tuesday Night trivia will take a short holiday break, just like the UW students. Last trivia night for 2009 will be tomorrow (December 15th), and we'll restart the trivia battles on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010.

  • We will be open on New Year's Eve for those of you going to the UW-Oregon St basketball game that night (and we'll have our usual Top-25 special in effect), but we'll be closing at 9pm since most people prefer champagne to a liter of lager for celebrating the new year (though I have no idea why). We'll reopen on January 2nd at 11am, and you can cheer on the Huskies again that night against Oregon.

  • Winter weekend opening hours are 11am. Why? No more east coast football games to watch while we eat hot wings and drink beer in our jammies. Instead, we'll be ready at 11am for you to eat a hearty lunch to ward off the winter chill.
We hope that you and your families and friends enjoy the holiday season and have a wonderful 2010 ahead.