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Friday, January 15, 2010

♫ Are you ready for some... Hockey?
(apologies to Hank Jr.)

Football season is rapidly coming to a close, so we need some other reason to hang out with our friends, enjoy a cold beer, and watch a bunch of guys fight it out on TV. UEFA soccer's great, but the time difference between Europe and Seattle puts those at lunch instead of after work when it's prime socializing time.

Luckily, hockey is coming to the rescue. This year, Shultzy's added NHL Center Ice to our satellite package, so we get several games live every night, most in HD. So, whether you're a local hockey fan or a displaced fan from somewhere else in the USA or Canada, your favorite team's on TV here. And if that's not enough, we'll also have some great hockey games during the Olympics for you to enjoy. We'll have hockey games on most nights, but we're going to make Monday Night Hockey (and Wednesday Night Hockey) extra special.

And if you're going to watch hockey, you'll probably need a beer to keep you refreshed during the game, and we've got that covered, too! Labatt's Blue, official sponsor of USA Hockey, is now available at Shultzy's, and we'll have 12 ounce bottles at 2 for $5 during Monday Night Hockey and Wednesday Night Hockey. And if you want something to go along with your beer, we'll have Canadian Club for only $4.

So, if you and your buddies are hockey fans and/or Labatt's beer fans, you'll want to make Shultzy's your Monday and Wednesday night hangout. See you there!