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Friday, February 5, 2010

Beer School 101 was a blast! Beer 102 and 103 are on the way.

Last Wednesday evening, we had the first session of Shultzy's Beer School with Professor Mike Baker teaching Beer 101. It was a packed house, and everyone seemed to have a good time while learning the basics of beer. I think we tasted about 14 different varieties (I lost count), tasted malts, played with hops, and drank plenty of beer. Everyone came away with a Shultzy's wristband, 0.5 liter German beer glass, course materials, a diploma for impressing friends, family, and especially gullible CLE program administrators (not that we know any).

We're planning on doing a beer class on the first Wednesday of each month, and we already have Beer School 102: All about Pale Ales and IPAs and Beer School 103: Advanced German Beers (Dortmunders, Kolschs, Märzens, Altibiers, and more!) on the drawing board. Of course, we'll also do another session of Beer 101 for those who missed the first session or just need remedial work. One thing we'll change about future classes is that we'll limit them to 20-25 people to make the classes more intimate and interactive. We hope you'll join us for one soon!

If you attended the course and have feedback/ideas to share with us, we'd love to hear from you at