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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Bottled Beers at Shultzy's

We've added a few bottled beers to our lineup that you might like...

New Grist Beer from Milwaukee, WI's Lakefront Brewery is a gluten-free beer. It's made from Sorghum, and it's quite tasty, so now our gluten-sensitive customers can choose between two different gluten-free beers at Shultzy's -- New Grist and Red Bridge beers.

Left Hand Sawtooth (Longmont, CO) is a beer we've had on tap numerous times, but we wanted it to be available every day, so we've added it to our bottled beer selection. The New York Times called Sawtooth the world's greatest ESB, and it's certainly one of our favorites.

Sam Smith's Pale Ale (England) is a great example of an English pale ale, and a great beer with food. It's only pale in comparison to the porters that dominated the market prior to its introduction -- it's balance of hops and malt makes it immensely satisfying.

Finally, we have a few bottles of Bateman's XXXB bitter. Superb strong bitter with a complex palate, consisting of a delicate aroma of hops delightfully balanced by a prominent malty character. 5 times 'Premium Beer of the Year' at CAMRA's Great British Beer Festival. If you enjoy it, we'll order more.