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Friday, June 4, 2010

Watch World Cup 2010 here at Shultzy's!

It's finally here, World Cup 2010, and we'll have *ALL* the games on TV here at Shultzy's.

Yes, that means we'll be open at crazy early hours of the morning, so you'll be able to enjoy every game along with a hot breakfast, and a beer or bloody mary (no alcohol served until 6AM -- it's the law).

Shultzy's World Cup Broadcast Schedule (SEATTLE time):

Friday June 11th (open at 6AM)
Mexico-South Africa 7am (Group A)
Uruguay-France 11:30am (Group A)

Saturday, June 12th (open at 4AM!) South Korea-Greece 4:30am (Group B)
Argentina-Nigeria 7am (Group B)
USA-England 11:30am (Group C)

Sunday, June 13th (open at 4AM!) Algeria-Slovenia 4:30am (Group C)
Serbia-Ghana 7am (Group D)
Germany-Australia 11:30am (Group D)

Monday, June 14th (open at 4AM!) Netherlands-Denmark 4:30am (Group E)
Japan-Cameroon 7am (Group E)
Italy-Paraguay 11:30am (Group F)

Tuesday, June 15th (open at 4AM!) New Zealand-Slovakia 4:30am (Group F)
Ivory Coast-Portugal 7am (Group G)
Brazil-North Korea 11:30am (Group G)

Wednesday, June 16th (open at 4AM!) Honduras-Chile 4:30am (Group H)
Spain-Switzerland 7am (Group H)
South Africa-Uruguay 11:30am (Group A)

Thursday, June 17th (open at 4AM!) Argentina-South Korea 4:30am (Group B)
Greece-Nigeria 7am (Group B)
Mexico-France 11:30am (Group A)

Friday, June 18th (open at 4AM!) Germany-Serbia 4:30am (Group D)
USA-Slovenia 7am (Group C)
England-Algeria 11:30am (Group C)

Saturday, June 19th (open at 4AM!)
Netherlands-Japan 4:30am (Group E)
Ghana-Australia 7am (Group D)
Cameroon-Denmark 11:30am (Group E)

Sunday, June 20th (open at 4AM!)
Slovakia-Paraguay 4:30am (Group F)
Italy-New Zealand 7am (Group F)
Brazil-Ivory Coast 11:30am (Group G)

Monday, June 21st (open at 4AM!)
Portugal-North Korea 4:30am (Group G)
Chile-Switzerland 7am (Group H)
Spain-Honduras 11:30am (Group H)

Tuesday, June 22nd (open at 6AM)
Mexico-Uruguay 7am (Group A)
France-South Africa 7am (Group A)
South Korea-Nigeria 11:30am (Group B)
Argentina-Greece 11:30am (Group B)

Wednesday, June 23rd (open at 6AM)
England-Slovenia 7am (Group C)
USA-Algeria 7am (Group C)
Germany-Ghana 11:30am (Group D)
Australia-Serbia 11:30am (Group D)

Thursday, June 24th (open at 6AM)

Italy-Slovakia 7am (Group E)
New Zealand-Paraguay 7am (Group E)
Japan-Denmark 11:30am (Group F)
Netherlands-Cameroon 11:30am (Group F)

Friday, June 25th (open at 6AM)

Brazil-Portugal 7am (Group G)
North Korea-Ivory Coast 7am (Group G)
Spain-Chile 11:30am (Group H)
Switzerland-Honduras 11:30am (Group H)

Saturday, June 26th (open at 6AM)

Winner A-Runner-Up B 7am
Winner C-Runner-Up D 11:30am

Sunday, June 27th (open at 6AM)
Winner D-Runner-Up C 7am
Winner B-Runner-Up A 11:30am

Monday, June 28th (open at 6AM)
Winner E-Runner-Up F 7am
Winner G-Runner-Up H 11:30am

Tuesday, June 29th (open at 6AM)
Winner F-Runner-Up E 7am
Winner H-Runner-Up G 11:30am

Friday, July 2nd (open at 6AM)
Quarterfinal 1 7am
Quarterfinal 2 11:30am

Saturday, July 3rd (open at 6AM)
Quarterfinal 3 7am
Quarterfinal 4 11:30am

Tuesday, July 6th
Semifinal 1 11:30am

Wednesday, July 7th
Semifinal 2 11:30am

Saturday, July 10th
3rd Place Game 11:30am

Sunday, July 11th
Championship Game 11:30am

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is that a roma tomato in your pocket...

... or are you just glad to see me?

Other places get toast with the image of the Virgin Mary or waffles with the image of Hello Kitty, but all we get here at Shultzy's is an excited roma tomato (photo and tomato unretouched). From close examination, it seems that our roma tomato might be Jewish.