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Friday, June 4, 2010

Watch World Cup 2010 here at Shultzy's!

It's finally here, World Cup 2010, and we'll have *ALL* the games on TV here at Shultzy's.

Yes, that means we'll be open at crazy early hours of the morning, so you'll be able to enjoy every game along with a hot breakfast, and a beer or bloody mary (no alcohol served until 6AM -- it's the law).

Shultzy's World Cup Broadcast Schedule (SEATTLE time):

Friday June 11th (open at 6AM)
Mexico-South Africa 7am (Group A)
Uruguay-France 11:30am (Group A)

Saturday, June 12th (open at 4AM!) South Korea-Greece 4:30am (Group B)
Argentina-Nigeria 7am (Group B)
USA-England 11:30am (Group C)

Sunday, June 13th (open at 4AM!) Algeria-Slovenia 4:30am (Group C)
Serbia-Ghana 7am (Group D)
Germany-Australia 11:30am (Group D)

Monday, June 14th (open at 4AM!) Netherlands-Denmark 4:30am (Group E)
Japan-Cameroon 7am (Group E)
Italy-Paraguay 11:30am (Group F)

Tuesday, June 15th (open at 4AM!) New Zealand-Slovakia 4:30am (Group F)
Ivory Coast-Portugal 7am (Group G)
Brazil-North Korea 11:30am (Group G)

Wednesday, June 16th (open at 4AM!) Honduras-Chile 4:30am (Group H)
Spain-Switzerland 7am (Group H)
South Africa-Uruguay 11:30am (Group A)

Thursday, June 17th (open at 4AM!) Argentina-South Korea 4:30am (Group B)
Greece-Nigeria 7am (Group B)
Mexico-France 11:30am (Group A)

Friday, June 18th (open at 4AM!) Germany-Serbia 4:30am (Group D)
USA-Slovenia 7am (Group C)
England-Algeria 11:30am (Group C)

Saturday, June 19th (open at 4AM!)
Netherlands-Japan 4:30am (Group E)
Ghana-Australia 7am (Group D)
Cameroon-Denmark 11:30am (Group E)

Sunday, June 20th (open at 4AM!)
Slovakia-Paraguay 4:30am (Group F)
Italy-New Zealand 7am (Group F)
Brazil-Ivory Coast 11:30am (Group G)

Monday, June 21st (open at 4AM!)
Portugal-North Korea 4:30am (Group G)
Chile-Switzerland 7am (Group H)
Spain-Honduras 11:30am (Group H)

Tuesday, June 22nd (open at 6AM)
Mexico-Uruguay 7am (Group A)
France-South Africa 7am (Group A)
South Korea-Nigeria 11:30am (Group B)
Argentina-Greece 11:30am (Group B)

Wednesday, June 23rd (open at 6AM)
England-Slovenia 7am (Group C)
USA-Algeria 7am (Group C)
Germany-Ghana 11:30am (Group D)
Australia-Serbia 11:30am (Group D)

Thursday, June 24th (open at 6AM)

Italy-Slovakia 7am (Group E)
New Zealand-Paraguay 7am (Group E)
Japan-Denmark 11:30am (Group F)
Netherlands-Cameroon 11:30am (Group F)

Friday, June 25th (open at 6AM)

Brazil-Portugal 7am (Group G)
North Korea-Ivory Coast 7am (Group G)
Spain-Chile 11:30am (Group H)
Switzerland-Honduras 11:30am (Group H)

Saturday, June 26th (open at 6AM)

Winner A-Runner-Up B 7am
Winner C-Runner-Up D 11:30am

Sunday, June 27th (open at 6AM)
Winner D-Runner-Up C 7am
Winner B-Runner-Up A 11:30am

Monday, June 28th (open at 6AM)
Winner E-Runner-Up F 7am
Winner G-Runner-Up H 11:30am

Tuesday, June 29th (open at 6AM)
Winner F-Runner-Up E 7am
Winner H-Runner-Up G 11:30am

Friday, July 2nd (open at 6AM)
Quarterfinal 1 7am
Quarterfinal 2 11:30am

Saturday, July 3rd (open at 6AM)
Quarterfinal 3 7am
Quarterfinal 4 11:30am

Tuesday, July 6th
Semifinal 1 11:30am

Wednesday, July 7th
Semifinal 2 11:30am

Saturday, July 10th
3rd Place Game 11:30am

Sunday, July 11th
Championship Game 11:30am