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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, unlike most homes and many bars, the Huskies-BYU game WILL be on TV this Saturday at 4pm. Instead of sitting on hold with Comcast, you can sit down with your favorite food and beverage here.

And, as if you needed even more reason to watch the game at Shultzy's...
  • Longhammer IPA Pints are just $2.99!
    The official craft beer of the Washington Huskies

  • $1 off Sarkburgers

  • And a sneak preview of Flying Dog's DOGTOBERFEST Marzen, our exclusive Oktoberfest 2010 beer (we have every keg in Washington -- Muahahahaha!)
For the $7.99, you'd have to pay Comcast for the channel showing the Huskies game, you could be enjoying the first half of your 3rd IPA at Shultzy's. You make the call!