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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick Oktoberfest Update

Shultzy's Oktoberfest 2010 starts this Saturday morning at 9am and runs through midnight on October 30th. We're expecting to have more fun than ever with as many as 30 different Oktoberfest beers scheduled. We don't know anywhere you'll find more Oktoberfest variety than here.

In fact, on opening day of Oktoberfest, we'll have five different Oktoberfest beers to choose from:
  • Spaten Oktoberfest (the original Munich Oktoberfest beer)
  • HB Munich Oktoberfest (a new-style Oktoberfest beer that's always a favorite)
  • DOGtoberfest (Back-to-back GABF Gold Medalist for Best Oktoberfest beer)
  • Snoqualmie Fest Bier (local favorite)
  • Schneider Edelweisse (Oktoberfest wheat -- it's fantastic!)
Our OktoBEERfest card is back for 2010 letting you win your own 1L mug and immortality (OK, it's really just your name on a plaque) for drinking 1L each of 12 different Oktoberfest beers. There's nearly six weeks, so you have plenty of time to do it. Follow us on Twitter ( to find out when each new Oktoberfest beer comes on tap. Some beers are in short supply and come in small kegs, so Twitter's a must if you have a particular favorite.

Finally, October 2nd will be our big Oktoberfest 2010 party with lederhosen, dirndls, and wooden keg tapping -- more details on that later.