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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OktoBEERfest update

2011 has seen 29 different varieties of Oktoberfest/Fest beers this year at Shultzy's (a new record) and over 1,000 liters have been enjoyed in the OktoBEERfest competition.

You'll need to finish up your OktoBEERfest card by midnight Saturday to qualify for the free liter beer stein and your name on the annual OktoBEERfest plaque at Shultzy's (and the immortality that comes with it). We'll have several varieties on this week (Boulevard, Kostritzer, Schneider, Warsteiner, and Alpine) to help you reach 12, but if we don't have one on tap that you haven't had already, we'll give you a check for a liter of any Oktoberfest beer, so there's no reason you can't finish up strong. And the Oktoberfest beers we have now are some of the most delicious ones of the season.