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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shultzy's and the Apple Cup!

November 26th, UW and WSU square off in the Apple Cup and although this year's game will be at CenturyLink Field, Shultzy's will be your Huskies headquarters as always.

We'll have SARKburger, draft beer, cocktail and shot specials before, during, and after the game.

And, since Shultzy's is conveniently located right next to a busy Metro bus stop, it will be easy for you to park here, and take the bus to the game.

Leaves Arrives
Shultzy's Intl District
1:02pm 1:23pm (Metro 72)
1:12pm 1:33pm (Metro 71)
1:22pm 1:44pm (Metro 73)
1:32pm 1:53pm (Metro 72)
1:42pm 2:03pm (Metro 71)
1:52pm 2:14pm (Metro 73)
2:02pm 2:23pm (Metro 72)
2:12pm 2:33pm (Metro 71)
2:22pm 2:44pm (Metro 73)
2:32pm 2:53pm (Metro 72)
2:42pm 3:03pm (Metro 71)
2:52pm 3:14pm (Metro 73)
3:02pm 3:23pm (Metro 72)
3:12pm 3:33pm (Metro 71)
3:22pm 3:44pm (Metro 73)
3:32pm 3:53pm (Metro 72)
3:42pm 4:03pm (Metro 71)

Leaves Arrives
Intl District Shultzy's
7:11pm 7:35pm (Metro 71)
7:26pm 7:50pm (Metro 73)
7:41pm 8:05pm (Metro 71)
7:56pm 8:20pm (Metro 72)
8:11pm 8:35pm (Metro 71)
8:26pm 8:50pm (Metro 73)
8:41pm 9:05pm (Metro 71)
8:56pm 9:20pm (Metro 72)
9:11pm 9:35pm (Metro 71)
9:26pm 9:50pm (Metro 73)
9:41pm 10:05pm (Metro 71)
9:56pm 10:20pm (Metro 72)

And when you come back after the game, we'll give you $1.00 off your first draft beer with your ORCA card or Metro transfer.