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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Check out Don's new buns!

Don Schulze is always looking for ways to make Shultzy's even better. We already trim, blend, grind, and patty the beef for our char-grilled burgers, but that's not enough. A year ago, we switched from our traditional garlic-buttered Shultzy's rolls to standard sesame seed hamburger buns because the Shultzy's rolls seemed to distract from the fresh beefy burger taste. But, after more thought, a regular hamburger bun just wasn't good enough.

So, we recently switched our hamburger buns to toasted Grand Central Bakery rustic rolls. These rolls have the perfect texture and flavor to complement our char-grilled burgers, even our popular SARKburger. We hope you'll try one next time you're in and let us know what you think.