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Monday, April 29, 2013

If you can have 12 Days of Christmas...

we can have...

Shultzy's 6th Annual 
¡5 Days of Cinco de Mayo!
Germany's favorite Mexican-American Holiday! 
Wednesday, May 1st - Sunday, May 5th 

Sauza Gold Margarita
Con lima fresca/With fresh lime $3.99

Sauza Margarita with a 7 oz. Corona Beer $5.99

Cinco Drinkos de Mayo NEW!
5 12 oz. Coronas AND 5 Sauza Gold shots for $30!
* Sorry, you can't order one all by yourself. WA State still has a Liquor Control Board. 

Bring your friends and share one!

Señor Bitburger
Muy grande Liter of Mexico’s Favorite German Pilsner $9

Taco Cheesesteak
Thin-sliced rib eye, melted cheddar, shredded lettuce, fresh salsa,
diced raw onion, taco seasoning & sour cream.

Shultzy’s Chorizo Chili
¡Muy peligroso y delicioso!/Dangerously Spicy Goodness! 

¡Viva Los Bratwursteros!
(Long Live the Sausage Lovers)