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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lazy Boy Oktoberfest 2013 Preview (Part 1)

Shawn Loring, Brewer and Founder of Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett, WA invited the gang from Shultzy's to come up and watch/help brew Lazy Boy's 2013 Oktoberfest beer. Shultzy's will be featuring Lazy Boy's modern-style Oktoberfest as part of our annual OktoBEERfest, and we'd never pass up the opportunity to drink a few beers and learn some new things.

Shawn started the day walking us through the brewing process.

Shawn getting together the malt bill for Lazy Boy Oktoberfest.

Lots of delicious German pilsner malt for Lazy Boy's modern-style German Oktoberfest...

...and Vienna Malt for body.

After our last Oktoberfest brewing adventure, I was wise enough to let Travis do the heavy lifting and throw the malt into the grinder.

Shawn pushes the buttons and gets our 2013 Lazy Boy Oktoberfest tank started.

Shawn keeps a watchful eye on the brewing process.

It's photo posing time!

JohnO and Don staring intently at the mash, as if their concentration will make the beer taste better.

Shawn explains to JohnO and Don that instead of just staring at the mash, they could make themselves useful.