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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lazy Boy Oktoberfest 2013 Preview (Part 3)

Shawn Loring, Brewer and Founder of Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett, WA invited the gang from Shultzy's to come up and watch/help brew Lazy Boy's 2013 Oktoberfest beer. Shultzy's will be featuring Lazy Boy's modern-style Oktoberfest as part of our annual OktoBEERfest, and we'd never pass up the opportunity to drink a few beers and learn some new things.

JohnO and Don speculate on how much of the tank they could drink themselves.

2013 Lazy Boy Oktoberfest in progress.

We got a little confused on our field trip and instead of "Leave No Man Behind" thought it was "Leave No Beer Behind".

Don thinks he might have lost his car keys, but neither Dan nor JohnO looks very excited about going in the tank after them... * Just kidding -- Don's looking at the sparge process. Yes, "sparge" is a word -- try it in your next Scrabble game!

Bruce, Shawn Loring of Lazy Boy, and Don.

Shawn shares the Oktoberfest 2013 hops with us before adding them to the tank. Don looks very studious while Dan seems like he's having some sort of religious experience.

Beautifully green Sladek hops, a classic for making Pilsner beers, will complement the Pilsner malt in this modern-style Oktoberfest brew.

Dan, based on his advanced margarita-making skills, was chosen to add the hops to the tank of Oktoberfest.

Shawn wanted us to try the warm Oktoberfest in progress, so Travis and his long arms came in handy fishing some out for us. We were somewhat worried that Travis would fall into the tank, but not worried enough to actually do or say anything.

Warm Oktoberfest "beer" from the brew tank -- sweet and tasty -- it would make a great warm breakfast drink.

JohnO, Travis, Hanna, Shawn Loring, and Dan celebrate with Lazy Boy beer. Check out the stylish Lazy Boy shirts!

Thanks to Shawn Loring for kindly hosting us and letting us have a sneak preview of the Lazy Boy Oktoberfest we'll be pouring in September and October in OktoBEERfest.