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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New, FantatstiCRUNCHY Sweet Potato Fries

A jealous cheesesteak sandwich tries to crush a batch of our new FantastiCRUNCHY
Sweet Potato Fries while a ramekin of coleslaw looks on apathetically.

Shultzy's regulars know and love our World's Greatest Fries, even while some of them opt for our delicious Sweet Potato Fries instead. Well, now we have new, exclusive, Sweet Potato Fries -- we're the only folks in Washington State with these technological marvels.

The new Sweet Potato fries are skinny "shoestring" fries, like our World Greatest Fries, but a multinational team of the world's greatest scientists have managed to make these Sweet Potato Fries super crunchy for your snacking and beer-accompanying satisfaction; thank goodness those scientists have devoted their genius to satisfying bar cravings instead of something trivial like vaccines or inter-planetary travel. AND, in an equally miraculous achievement, these new Sweet Potato Fries are super crunchy, but also Gluten-Free (the magic of rice flour... shhh, don't tell anybody).

Next time you're in, instead of automatically going for the usual World's Greatest Fries with your sandwich, check out our new Sweet Potato Fries and marvel at the wonders of science!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shultzy's Holiday Schedule

With Thanksgiving comes the start of the holiday season, so it's time for... Shultzy's Holiday Schedule. And for 2013, it's color-coded for your convenience and entertainment...

11.28 (Thursday) CLOSED for Thanksgiving Day
11.29 (Friday)  OPEN at 9am for APPLE CUP!

12.15 (Sunday) CLOSING EARLY at 4pm

12.23 (Monday) CLOSED   Lots of Shopping
12.24 (Tuesday) CLOSED   Lots of Cooking
12.25 (Wednesday) CLOSED   Present Opening & Overeating
12.26 (Wednesday) OPEN   For your gift-returning convenience

12.31 (Tuesday)  CLOSED – Champagne Drinking
1.1 (Wednesday) CLOSED – Hangover Regretting
1.2 (Thursday)  OPENWELCOME to 2014!

1.8 (Wednesday) OPENElvis’ 79th Birthday!