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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Sausage, Another First!!

We've really been having a lot of fun with these Sausage Specials, hopefully you have too. This one is different, even for us. Is it a link? Is it a sausage burger? NO, it's a crumble! Our Red Hot Buffalo Crumble to be exact. A spicy, tasty, loose ground chicken sausage that we're serving three different ways for you to enjoy
1) The Buffalo Joe; think of a sloppy joe without tomato sauce, instead we use blue cheese dressing, which also helps to beat the heat. This one is served in a basket with fries, coleslaw and celery(if you want).
2) The Buffalo Caesar; our caesar salad with the chicken crumble and blue cheese, wait for it, crumbles.
3) Buffalo Fries; Our "World's Greatest Fries" topped with chicken crumble (déjà vu?) and blue cheese dressing.
That's it; a sandwich, a salad or a snack, our most versatile sausage ever.

Wait! That's not all!! It's OktoBEERfest!!!
We've got over 31 beers lined up so far, that number could grow, but we need help drinking them. Steve German at Victory Brewing was nice enough to let us have some of their Zeltbier again this year. This beer is available in two places, Downingtown Pennsylvania (that's where the brewery is) and Shultzy's (that's where we, and hopefully you, are). Alright, I think that's everything now. Except for this pretty picture of the restaurant at night.