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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meet a Master Brewer at Shultzy's!!

This Thursday, June 1st, Shultzy's welcomes a special guest from world-renowned German brewery Braufactum! 

Since 2010 Master brewer Marc Rauschmann and Braufactum have brought the magic of craft brewing to Germany and blended modern techniques with ancient German styles to produce truly remarkable, award-winning German biers.

For Marc Rauschmann a passion for brewing began at a young age with jury-rigged home brew sets, expanded as a hobby as he traveled the world learning about the constantly evolving landscape of beer styles and techniques, and eventually became his profession as he quickly became a highly regarded and renowned master brewer. Braufactum represents his vision and passion for beer, expressed through truly unique yet classic brews.

Marc will be joining us this Thursday, June 1st from 3-6pm while we feature beer from Braufactum on tap!!