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Thursday, October 19, 2017

OktoBEERfest has been in full affect and is now on its FINAL PUSH. But first, let us update you on a few things that has happened during the month.

     A lot has has happened since the start of our OktoBEERfest 2017. Let us begin by introducing your Speed Marzen of 2017!

Steve Bunn "Speed Marzen" of 2017

     Steve Bunn has been a long time favorite regular here at Shultzy's. With one goal and for his love of traditional German Beers, he has become your 2017 Speed Marzen. Congrats for a well deserved title for a dedicated man. We are honored to have you!

     Along side our friend Steve Bunn is another man who has surpassed ALL MARZEN KINGS here at Shultzy's. Completely decimating the competition and earning the title for the first time in Shultzy's history, Austin Sell officially took on a whopping 43 LITERS to become...

Uber Champion of 2016: Austin Sell 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Annual Oktoberfest Party! To our staff, customers, and Mike "Baron" Baker for helping us tap Hacker's and Warsteiner's special Fest Beers! PROST!

Shultzy's Annual Oktoberfest Party 2017

We'd also love to give a special thank you to everyone and anyone who have been loyal customers. We understand graduating from college and moving 
on in life is a huge deal. We also understand coming back to your old stomping grounds, especially here at Shultzy's, just overcomes you with nostalgia. So we'd like to give a special thank you to Adreas for coming back after 26 years to reunite with Don Schulze.

Andreas Oehme travels from Germany after 26 years to reunite with Don Schulze

The Final Push: OktoBEERfest ends October 30th!

To sum it all up, Oct 30th is our last day for OktoBEERfest. This means this is our FINAL PUSH. It is NOT TOO LATE to start a card. We have 6 on as of right now and have about 11 more kegs to go through. You only need 12 to finish the card. If the math adds up, then that means you have plenty of time! So get to drinking to all you late bloomers. And to all who have already finished, let's see how much more you can get! "Marzen King" is still up for grabs!


Come join us for this extremely rare occasion. Only at Shultzy's!