Euro: Liter $14, 1/2 Liter $7, 1/3 Liter $5 with exceptions shown below


Veltins Pilsner (Germany)

Soft malt, golden body followed by a subtle dry finish with a kiss of hops.

Bitburger Pilsner (Germany)

Pale & light with a clean, soft maltiness and firm hop finish.

Allgauer Buble Bier Edelweissbier (Germany)

Classic Bavarian wheat beer newly imported to the U.S.!

Köstritzer Black Lager (Germany)

Since 1543. Very distinct roasted malt aroma & taste profile.

Pfungstadter Helles Lager (Germany)

Golden color, slight malt taste with a touch of honeyed sweetness.

Paulaner Salvator (Germany)

Strong, malty, complex and balanced. | 1L 16, 0.5L 8.5, 0.3L 6.5


Future Primitive Jubilee IPA (Seattle, WA)

Loaded with a beautiful bouquet of hops for well-rounded flavor. | 16 oz. 7

Fort George/ Ruse/ Cloudburst Brewing (Collaboration)

Bright bursting citrus bomb that doesn’t finish too heavy or sweet.| 16 oz. 7

AleBrowar Herr Axolotl Berliner Weisse (Poland-Germany)

Brewed in collaboration with Himsburgs brewery in Germany. | 0.3L 9

10 Barrel Swill American Raddler(Seattle, WA)

Sweet and sour with bright lemon and grapefruit notes. | 10 oz. 7

Hellbent Moon Tower Stout (Seattle, WA)

A summer stout, medium body and smooth coffee finish. | 16 oz. 7


64 oz. Micro Pitcher: $20 & $24, Euro Pitcher: $25, 2L Euro Boot: $28 (plus $50 deposit)


Draft Cider


Seattle Cider Co. Pineapple Agave Cider

Ripe juicy pineapple aroma with a refreshing tartness. | 12 oz. 6.25, 16 oz. 7.75