Euro: Liter $14, 1/2 Liter $7, 1/3 Liter $5 with exceptions shown below


Veltins Pilsner (Germany)

soft malt, golden body followed by a subtle dry finish with a kiss of hops

Bitburger Pilsner (Germany)

Pale & light with a clean, soft maltiness and firm hop finish.

Hacker-Pschorr Weisse (Germany)

German hefeweizen at its finest; notes of nutmeg, clove, banana.

Köstritzer Black Lager (Germany)

Since 1543. Very distinct roasted malt aroma & taste profile.

Good Life Sippy Cup Pale (Germany)

Hazy, milky body with a burst of tropical/citrus flavors. | 16 oz 7

Paulaner Salvator (Germany)

Strong, malty, complex and balanced. | 1L 16, 0.5L 8.5, 0.3L 6.5


10 Barrel Joe IPA (Bend, OR)

Delicious hop aroma and flavor. Not your average Joe | 16oz. 7

Redhook Big Ballard Imperial IPA (Seattle, WA)

Brewed for IPA lovers, with an assertive hop flavor. | 16 oz. 7

Elysian Superfuzz Orange Pale (Seattle, WA)

Mind-bending whilr of blood orange and NW hops. | 16 oz. 7

Georgetown Donnie’s Altbeir (Seattle, WA)

Hazel body w/ flavors of toffee, stone fruit, light roast coffee. | 16 oz. 7

Elysian Dragonstooth Stout (Seattle, WA)

Coffee and dark chocolate aroma with smooth roasted finish. | 16 oz. 7

Stella Artois (Belgium)

Classic Euro lager, the perfect beer for…well, any day! | 0.4L 6.5


64 oz. Micro Pitcher: $20 & $24, Euro Pitcher: $25, 2L Euro Boot: $28 (plus $50 deposit)


Draft Cider


Virtue Cider Rosé (Fennville, MI) New!

Heirloom Michigan apples aged in French oak barrels. | 12oz. 6.25, 16oz. 7.75