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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! Let's wrap up 2017 and give you a taste of 2018!

Just wanted to give you all a huge thank you to an awesome year here at Shultzy's. Without all of you, we would not have had such a great year! To show you some numbers, we went through a whopping of 216 different draft beers. Below is a list of all the different beers we put on and if you're wondering what that amazing beer you had here at Shultzy's, feel free to look at the list! Cider is also included. We also have some menu updates as well. 

Menu Updates:

  • El Diablo/Chorizo Sausage link is no longer available. However, if you can still request the a sausage link El Diablo style. We recommend our Ragin Cajun as it is the next spiciest link!
  • Our Norm Chicken Sausage patty is also no longer available but if you are still looking for a sausage sandwich similar to our Norm Parmigiano Chicken Sandwich with marinara and parmesan, we still have our classics, the Novie Wedge and Vesuvius.
  • A new item has been added in the the Sausage Link section of our menu: The Bratwurst Deluxe. Just like our classic and best seller, Bratwurst Sandwich w/ kraut and grilled onions, swiss is added to the mix!
  • Prices on our menu have been updated so please take a close look at our lunch/dinner, happy hour, and late night menu. Soft drink prices have also gone up to compensate for the new tax on soft beverages. 
  • After popular demand and to kick start the new year, we have decided to bring back Bangers & Mash. Served with two house-made bangers (traditional British sausage links) w/ mashed potatoes, gravy and peas. Only a LIMITED amount is made per day so come on in until supplies last. 

Bangers & Mash

We hope for another wonderful year. And remember, it's because of You is why we do so awesome here on the Ave. Happy New Year!

All Beer & Ciders of 2017


  1. Bitburger
  2. Kostritzer Black Lager
  3. Paulaner Salvator
  4. Hoegaarden
  5. Veltins
  6. Ninkasi Total Domination
  7. Uinta Detour Double IPA
  8. Hacker-Pschorr Weisse
  9. Hop Valley Festeroo
  10. Rooftop Makeda Coffee Porter
  11. Bale Breaker Field 41 Pale
  12. Schooner Exact 3-Grid IPA
  13. Fremont Interurban IPA
  14. Victory Dirtwolf Double IPA
  15. Ayinger BrauWeisse
  16. Franziskaner Weisse
  17. Pelican Tsunami Stout NITRO
  18. Georgetown 18lb Imperial Porter
  19. Sierra Nevada Pale
  20. Goose Island IPA
  21. Silver City Panther Lake Porter
  22. Black Raven Totem Pale
  23. Reuben’s Crikey IPA
  24. Anchor Porter
  25. Alpine Hefeweizen
  26. Georgetown Lucille IPA
  27. No-Li Born & Raised IPA
  28. Reuben’s Robust Porter
  29. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro
  30. Stella Artois
  31. Founders All Day IPA
  32. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA
  33. Reuben’s Gose
  34. Rooftop Stargazer IPA
  35. Backwoods Imperial Maple Porter
  36. Seapine Hefeweizen
  37. Victory Oatmeal Porter W/Hazelnut
  38. Pfungstadter Hefe
  39. Denali Twister Creek IPA
  40. Old Rasputin Nitro Stout
  41. Georgetown Bodizhafa
  42. Pacific Brewing 1897 Pale Lager
  43. Snoqualmie Black Frog Nitro Stout
  44. Silver City Bavarian Hefeweizen
  45. Breakside Salted Caramel Stout
  46. Lagunitas IPA
  47. Bellevue Brewing 425 Pale Ale
  48. Schooner Exact Evergreen IPA
  49. 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die
  50. No-Li Spin Cycle Red
  51. Seapine IPA
  52. Fremont Lush IPA
  53. New Belgium Hoppy Blonde
  54. Bainbridge Windfall IPA
  55. Rooftop CDA
  56. Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Golden IPA
  57. Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout
  58. Founders Centennial IPA
  59. Payette Pistolero Porter
  60. Black Raven Coco Jones Porter
  61. Fremont Universale Pale
  62. Victory 21st Bday IPA
  63. pFriem Citrus Zest IPA
  64. Stoup Northwest IPA
  65. Spaten Optimator
  66. Laurelwood Rando IPA #20
  67. Stoup NW Red
  68. Bainbridge Battle Point Stout
  69. Floating Bridge Tropical Pale
  70. Floating Bridge Southbound IPA
  71. Guinness Stout
  72. Floating Bridge Smoked Honey Porter
  73. Anderson Valley G&T Gose
  74. Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager
  75. Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale
  76. Anchor Mango Wheat Lager
  77. Elysian Split Shot Stout
  78. Silver City Tropic Haze IPA
  79. Trumer Pils
  80. No-Li Big Juicy IPA
  81. Modern Times Blazing World Amber
  82. Victory Hop Devil IPA
  83. Floating Bridge Dry-Hopped Sour
  84. Left Hand Black Jack Porter
  85. Jellyfish Red
  86. Red Hook Bi-Coastal IPA
  87. New Belgium Tartastic Sour
  88. Pacific Red Front NW Red
  89. Uinta Farmhouse Saison
  90. Denali Chuli Stout
  91. Farmstrong La Raza Mexican Lager
  92. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Mandarin IPA
  93. Floating Bridge Northbound IPA
  94. Stoup Citra IPA
  95. Schooner Exact Profanity Hill Porter
  96. R&R Pilsner
  97. Georgetown Gusto Crema Ale
  98. Payette Mutton Buster Brown Ale
  99. Schofferhofer Grapefruit Raddler
  100. HB Dunkelweisse
  101. Redhook Bi-Coastal IPA
  102. Radeberger Zwickl
  103. Stoup Porter
  104. Backwoods Logyard IPA
  105. pFriem IPA
  106. Silver City Ziggy Zoggy Summer Ale
  107. Ayinger Celebrator
  108. Reuben’s Lily Wit
  109. Floating Bridge Westbound IPA
  110. Bale Breaker Top Cutter IPA
  111. Pfungstadter Helles Lager
  112. Blue Point Blueberry Ale
  113. Braufactum Indra
  114. 10 Barrel Joe IPA
  115. Rooftop El Darado IPA
  116. Jellyfish Smack IPA
  117. Goose Island Sophia Saison
  118. Floating Bridge Pomegranate Sour
  119. Floating Bridge Eastbound IPA
  120. Uinta Hop Nosh IPA
  121. Elysian Savant IPA
  122. Georgetown LA Woman Kolsch
  123. Pike Golden Ale
  124. Pacific Grit City Porter
  125. Bale Breaker Blonde Ale
  126. Rooftop Grandpappy’s ESB
  127. Oskar Blues IPA
  128. Rooftop Azzacca Single Hop IPA
  129. Fremont Summer Ale
  130. Dru Bru Kolsch
  131. Alaskan Smoked Porter
  132. Big Sky Summer Ale
  133. Schofferhofer Weisse
  134. Sierra Nevada Dunkelweisse
  135. Pike Space Needle IPA
  136. Rouge Hazelnut Brown Ale
  137. Jellyfish Saison
  138. Victory Summer Ale
  139. Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter
  140. Boulder Watermelon Kolsch
  141. Bellevue Oatmeal Stout
  142. Georgetown Rocketman IPA
  143. Pike Summer Ale
  144. Flying Bike Blonde Ale
  145. 10 Barrel Pearl IPA
  146. Farmstrong Pull or Be Damned Porter
  147. Chuckanut Kolsch
  148. Sound Sommerweisse
  149. Sumerian Narcissism IPA
  150. Schmaltz Brown Ale
  151. Schmaltz Hop Mana IPA
  152. Uinta Golden Ale
  153. Reuben’s Summer IPA
  154. Benediktiner Weisse
  155. Lowercase Mexican Lager
  156. Elysian Immortal IPA
  157. Pelican Dirty Bird IPA
  158. Ecliptic Zenith Gose
  159. Anchor Steam Beer
  160. Georgetown 9lb Porter
  161. Epic Escape To Colorado IPA
  162. Elysian Men’s Room Gold Ale
  163. Hale’s Mongoose IPA
  164. 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat
  165. Stoup Bavarian Hefeweizen
  166. Leinenkugel/HB Celebration Ale
  167. Warsteiner Oktoberfest
  168. Warsteiner Party Keg
  169. Lowercase Brown Ale
  170. Goose Island Oktoberfest
  171. Jellyfish Oktoberfest
  172. Alpine Marzen
  173. HB Oktoberfest
  174. Paulaner Oktoberfest
  175. Backwoods Maple Porter
  176. Floating Bridge Kalt Kolsch
  177. Seapine Oktoberfest
  178. Spaten Oktoberfest
  179. Laurelwood Rando IPA #21
  180. Black Raven Flocktoberfest
  181. Alaskan Heritage Brown
  182. Weihenstephen Oktoberfest
  183. Alaskan Husky IPA
  184. Leavenworth Oktoberfest
  185. Paulaner Weizenfest
  186. Wingman Grisette
  187. Benediktiner Oktoberfest
  188. Walking Man Oktoberfest
  189. Alpine Oktoberfest
  190. Dinkelacker Oktoberfest
  191. Sam Adams Oktoberfest
  192. Boulder Dragonhosen Oktoberfest
  193. Erdinger Oktoberfest
  194. Floating Bridge Oktoberfest
  195. Georgetown Tomtoberfest
  196. Reuben’s Oktoberfest
  197. Farmstrong OktoRaza
  198. Lucky Envelope Oktoberfest
  199. Hacker Pshorr Oktoberfest
  200. Hacker Pshorr Party Keg
  201. Flying Bike Encyclopedia Brown Ale
  202. Jellyfish Sour Suzie Ale
  203. Reuben’s Marzen
  204. Stoup Oktoberfest
  205. Lowercase IPA
  206. 7 Seas Oktoberfest
  207. Silver City Oktoberfest
  208. Bayern Oktoberfest
  209. Iron Horse Mocha Death Ale
  210. Weltenburger Oktoberfest
  211. Payette Oktoberfest
  212. Two Beers Immersion Amber Ale
  213. Chuckanut British IPA
  214. Ballast Point Dead Ringer Oktoberfest
  215. Hirter Oktoberfest
  216. Dru Bru Oktoberfest
  217. Bale Breaker Leota Mae IPA
  218. Ninkasi Oktoberfest
  219. pFriem Oktoberfest
  220. Chucknut Oktoberfest
  221. Ghost Runners Irish Red Ale
  222. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
  223. Kulshan Oktoberfest
  224. Uinta Fest-Helles
  225. Lefthand Oktoberfest
  226. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest
  227. Grevenstiener Kellerbeir
  228. Rouge Dead Guy Ale
  229. Farmstrong Combine IPA
  230. Ten Pin Angle Amber Ale
  231. Fremont Bonfire Brown Ale
  232. 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA
  233. 10 Barrel Pray For Snow Winter Ale
  234. Uinta West Coast IPA
  235. Lucky Envelope ENIAC IPA
  236. Backwoods Ridge Run Stout
  237. Stone Delicious IPA
  238. Ordnance RX Pale Ale
  239. No-Li Amber Ale
  240. Georgetown Manny’s Pale Ale
  241. Stoup Downtown Brown Ale
  242. Melvin Scenario Porter
  243. Kona Imperial Porter
  244. Boneyard Diablo Rojo Ale
  245. Kulshan Bastard Kat IPA
  246. Rooftop Mosaic IPA
  247. Reuben’s Roasted Rye IPA
  248. Stone Double Bastard Ale
  249. Jellyfish Winter Ale
  250. Anchor 2016 X-Mas Ale
  251. Georgetown Chopper’s Imperial Barrel Age Red
  252. Elysian Space Dust IPA
  253. Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
  254. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
  255. Snoqualmie Wildcat IPA
  256. Pike IPA
  257. Ecliptic Capella Porter
  258. Elysian Bifrost Winter Ale
  259. Founders Nitro Breakfast Stout
  260. Sumerian Holy Water Citra IPA
  261. Deschutes XXIX Imperial Black Butte Porter

  1. Ace Berry
  2. No. 6 Pomegranate
  3. Portland Cider Kinda Dry
  4. Seattle Cider Dry
  5. 2 Towns Outcider
  6. Schilling Dry
  7. Atlas Blackberry
  8. 2 Towns Bright
  9. Portland Sorta Sweet
  10. Schilling Grapefruit
  11. Oregon Mead & Cider Dry
  12. Portland Cider Sangria
  13. Virtue Cider Michigan Harvest
  14. Ace Pear
  15. Atlas Cherry Pomegranate
  16. Ace Pineapple
  17. Virtue Cider Brut
  18. Seattle Semi-Sweet
  19. Portland Mojito
  20. Square Mile Hard Cider
  21. Square Mile Hopped Cider
  22. Rev Nat’s Sour Cherry Cider
  23. Schilling Passport Cider
  24. Ace Joker Dry Cider
  25. Spire Crisp & Dry
  26. Rambling Rout Pear Cider
  27. Portland Strawberry Cider
  28. Flatbed Apple Cider
  29. Angry Orchard Pear
  30. Red Tank Roughneck Cider

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nitro Tap Is Now ON!

Too kick the holiday season, we welcome back...

Left Hand Milk Stout on Nitro! Come grab a pint today. Or even a pitcher!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Introducing the Marzën King & Top 5 Runnerups

"King of Marzëns"

Anthony Balducci - New Record of 45 Liters!!!!

Top 5 Runner Ups

1. Justin Morgan     33 Liters
2. Johnatan Hsu      33 Liters
3. John Satterfield   30 Liters
4. Steven Bunn       29 Liters (Speed Champ)
5. Karl Kosher        27 Liters

If you haven't already, come on down to Shultzy's to pick up your liter mug if you completed the OktoBeerFest challenge!

Liter mug options will vary based on availability

Coming Very Soon! Special Holiday Draft Beers

Follow us @shultzys on Twitter to get the quickest updates as to when draft beers come on. 

Anchor Christmas Ale 2016 Edition: With 43 different variations, one released every year since 1975, of Anchor's special Christmas Ale, we will be featuring their 2016 edition! The 2016 edition comes out as a deep mahogany brown with a creamy, tan head and boasts aromas of fruitcake, molasses, and fresh cut wood. 

Left Hand Milk Stout (Nitro): Our first nitro draft for the holiday season, Left Hand Milk Stout has an initial roast, mocha flavor rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish. The rest is pure bliss of milk chocolate fullness. 

Holiday Hours

December 24th Christmas Eve: Closed
December 25th Christmas Day: Closed
Dec. 26th - Dec. 30th limited hours: 12:00PM - 8:00 *closing hours may very at bartender's discretion*
December 31st New Year's Eve: Closed
January 1st New Year's Day: Closed

Gifts for family and friends

Stop by our Shultyz's Merchandise Online Store to buy your loved ones that special gift!


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wrapping up OktoBEERfest 2017

Thank you all who participated in our annual OktoBEERfest! To wrap it all up, we went through a whopping 50+ different Oktoberfest beers! Because of YOU, we were able to go through all of that by Oct. 30th which was our deadline. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

For those who have missed this precious event, we will be continuing OktoBEERfest in Fall of 2018! See you all there!

Balducci Family (right) and friends (left) showing some Oktoberfest Spirit by dressing up for our Annual OktoBEERfest Party and letting you know they will be back next year!


We admire traveler's exploring the world and seeing new sights. We also admire those who rep our Logo throughout the world. Do you travel? Do you love Shultzy's? Tweet us at @shultzys your photo, full name and location and we will be more than happy to feature you on our page! And if you haven't checked out our merchandise, head to now for some sweet Shultzy's gear!

William Schulze & Bruce touring the Great Wall of China

Thursday, October 19, 2017

OktoBEERfest has been in full affect and is now on its FINAL PUSH. But first, let us update you on a few things that has happened during the month.

     A lot has has happened since the start of our OktoBEERfest 2017. Let us begin by introducing your Speed Marzen of 2017!

Steve Bunn "Speed Marzen" of 2017

     Steve Bunn has been a long time favorite regular here at Shultzy's. With one goal and for his love of traditional German Beers, he has become your 2017 Speed Marzen. Congrats for a well deserved title for a dedicated man. We are honored to have you!

     Along side our friend Steve Bunn is another man who has surpassed ALL MARZEN KINGS here at Shultzy's. Completely decimating the competition and earning the title for the first time in Shultzy's history, Austin Sell officially took on a whopping 43 LITERS to become...

Uber Champion of 2016: Austin Sell 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Annual Oktoberfest Party! To our staff, customers, and Mike "Baron" Baker for helping us tap Hacker's and Warsteiner's special Fest Beers! PROST!

Shultzy's Annual Oktoberfest Party 2017

We'd also love to give a special thank you to everyone and anyone who have been loyal customers. We understand graduating from college and moving 
on in life is a huge deal. We also understand coming back to your old stomping grounds, especially here at Shultzy's, just overcomes you with nostalgia. So we'd like to give a special thank you to Adreas for coming back after 26 years to reunite with Don Schulze.

Andreas Oehme travels from Germany after 26 years to reunite with Don Schulze

The Final Push: OktoBEERfest ends October 30th!

To sum it all up, Oct 30th is our last day for OktoBEERfest. This means this is our FINAL PUSH. It is NOT TOO LATE to start a card. We have 6 on as of right now and have about 11 more kegs to go through. You only need 12 to finish the card. If the math adds up, then that means you have plenty of time! So get to drinking to all you late bloomers. And to all who have already finished, let's see how much more you can get! "Marzen King" is still up for grabs!


Come join us for this extremely rare occasion. Only at Shultzy's!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Back To School Special!

Whiskey Wednesday Back To School Special!
Red Breast Irish Whiskey Joins Makers Mark and Jameson For $6 Today!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Grant Twitchell drinks the first Octoberfest 2017 liter at Shultyz's

Oktoberfest Party Announcment!!!!

Grant Twitchell & Don Shultze holding pictures of Grant drinking the 1st Octoberfest liters in 2015 & 2016

Oktoberfest Party 
October 5th, Thursday @ 5:30PM
Oktoberfest Party 2016 Staff n Friends
Come in and join us for our annual Oktoberfest Party filled with many activities to enjoy! 

  • Men in Lederhosen
  • Women in Dirndls
  • Mike "Baron" Baker from Veltins to help host
  • Liter Mug Hoisting Contest - let's see who can hold a Liter the longest!
  • Ceremonial Tapping
  • Drinking the Ceremonial Beer (will count towards your OktoBEERfest card)
  • Oktoberfest Festival Music
  • NFL Patriots vs Buccaneers @ 5:25PM
  • NCAA Louisville vs NC State 5:00PM

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Official OktoBEERfest lineup is finally here!

OktoBEERfest Officially Starts On
September 16th, Saturday during UW's Football Gameday


Official OktoBEERfest lineup

  1. Ask your bartender or server for an Okto Card to begin your OktoBEERfest journey.
  2. On the front, fill out your name you want put on the plaque after finishing your 12 liters and your email. DO NOT LOSE THIS. You will have to start ALL OVER if you do. 
  3. To receive a checkmark on a beer, you must drink that specific beer in our special 1.0 Liter mugs and after your finish drinking or paying, you will receive a check mark for the beer you drank with your server's or bartender's initials. (Drinking 2 of the same will NOT count for 2 different beers. Only for the one you drank!
  4. Limit 3 Liters per day.
  5. For special beers not listed may be written in and signed on the blank underlined spaces on your card.
  6. Once the event is over, a mass e-mail will be sent out notifying when to pick up your mugs after completion!

Throughout the duration of the event, we will be rotating through 40+ different beers. This is where the fun starts. We only have 1 keg (30 Liters) of each OktoBEERfest (with the exception of a few beers) and you have a small window to get 1 liter of those beers. We go through them quickly. Plan your strategy, make friends with the bartender, or follow our Shultzy's website and Twitter for updates on which beers come on as soon as they come on.


  1. Your name on the 2017 OktoBEERfest Plaque and number of liters you completed. 
  2. Your very own special 1.0L mug 
  3. For the "Speed Champ" and "Marzen King", you will receive special prizes from Don Shultze, including a 1.0L mug. Your picture will also be taken w/ the owner and to be hung up on our walls to join the other Speed Champs and Marzen Kings. 

"Speed Champ" - Fastest to get 12 different beers
"Marzen King" - The most OktobeerFest Drank
"Your name" on the 2017 OktoBeerFest Plaque - Drink at least 12 different OktoBeerFest. 

OktoBEERfest Party!

Come join us at our annual OktoBEERfest party! Details will be posted soon. 

Get Ready, Get Set, DRINK!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Take a peek of what's to come for OktoBEERfest!

It's fall and you know what that means! Yes, another year for OktoBEERfest is right around the corner. Here is our current lineup! (Subject to change. Full and official lineup will be posted soon!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Introducing Our New Veggie Sausage Link

The Field Roast® Italian Sausage

The wait is over! Introducing our new Veggie Sausage Link. Thanks to our friends at Field Roast®, the high demand for a vegetarian link sausage has been answered. The new and delicious link comes as a sandwich with added grilled onions and peppers. Automatically, it comes paired with our house signature fries and coleslaw. To kick it up a notch, add Parmesan and Marinara to boost your taste buds!

Ingredients: Grinded grains, eggplant, zesty red wine, garlic, and fennel. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Beers We Are Excited About! COMING SOON!


Georgetown Brewing "ROCKETMAN" IPA
-Only one hundred kegs in existence and Shultzy's has on one of them! Lightly hazy and bursting with tropical flavor! ABV 6.3%

10 Barrel Pearl IPA
-A limited release from 10 Barrel Brewing. This IPA is full-bodied and packed with HUGE piney flavor, an IPA lovers dream! ABV 7.6%

Supply is limited, get it while it last!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shultzy's Is Excellent!

Working hard to make sure our customers have a great experience, starts with having a clean and safe restaurant!

Come On In For An EXCELLENT Time!